We specialize in owner occupied home staging.  Whenever possible, we will first use the client’s existing furnishings to transform an occupied home. Ultimately our goal is to create a lifestyle potential buyers love using our “FEEL HOME” philosophy in every room.

The way you live in a home is not the same way you sell or market a home.  The process is much like dating and finding the perfect match.  For example, When you are selling your used car, you must wash it and often times make it look like a product anyone will buy.  Home Staging is very much the same concept by depersonalizing and enhancing the home best features, by downplaying the negatives and showcasing the positives, thus creating a neutral ambiance buyer will love!

We help transform homes with the least amount of investment for the client.

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I’m so proud of this man! He’s such a gift to the staging industry and RESA Conference as he is incredibly generous/helpful to all stagers. He’s also a fantastic Staging Mentor of mine. Thanks Orlando Reyes .…XOXO! Audra Slinkey

President, Home Staging Resource